Party Faqs

What type of cake do we supply? We supply Novelty Monster and Unicorn Iced Cupcakes for the birthday cake. They may contain nuts and is not gluten free. If your child has any allergies we suggest that you bring an alternative for them.

What is in the Sweets and Treats box? There is a chocolate wafer bar, a packet of crisps. a packet of Haribo jellies, a packet of chocolate covered biscuits a candy bar and a drink

Can I bring my own food to party? No sorry. Our insurance does not allow any food to be brought into our premises.

Can I bring my own cake? No Sorry. We provide the cake but if your child or any child in the party has an allergy you can then bring an alternative for them only.

What are the min and max numbers of children? The min number is 15. you can bring less but payment for 15 will be charged. The maximum number is 30

What if less than the number stated on booking form show up? You have up until 48 hours before party to update numbers otherwise the number stated on booking form will be charged. This is because there is a lot of preparation and materials involved that we do behind the scenes so please put the max number invited on booking form and let us know 2 days before the number who have confirmed they are attending. Please send final number to this email

What happens if I need to change date of or cancel party? Any changes to date of party or cancelation must be sent to us 2 weeks in advance via email here

Do I get a refund of deposit if I need to cancel party? If you notify us at least 2 weeks in advance of cancellation then you can use deposit against another party or workshop or camp. If you notify us less than that we apologize but in that case refund is non refundable.

Can I bring children to party who are under the age of 4? We can allow siblings who are over 3 but due the nature of our studio children under 3 will not be permitted to enter studio as there are many materials in studio that would be considered a choking hazard and a safety concern for childrenunder 3. We ask that you not invite children to party who are under 3

Can I choose multiple activities for party? No. We can only do 1 activity per party. 

How do I know availability before booking? You must check calendar BEFORE Booking as the booking form and calendar are not linked. We have 3 times available 12pm, 2pm or 4pm. The calendar will say if these times are booked. It is a rare occurrence that 2 bookings have come in at the same time but if this happens the person who booked first will get the slot and the other person will be notified and offered the nearest time available or a refund.

What is the best activity for a mixed party of boys and girls? The most popular themes for boys and girls are Slime factory, Fluffy plushies, or Marble runs, 

How long does party last? We only do 3 parties per day which gives you exclusive use of our studio, and each party lasts 1.5 hours

Do children make complete craft? Most times children will make the complete craft but due to the difficulty level of some crafts it is necessary for us to do some of the work ahead of time. This would include things that need to be hot glued or items that need to be cut with sharp scissors. This is to insure that children wont hurt themselves and that the item children bring home will last. Some children are more capable than others and to make the party as fun as possible we do the hard work for them.

Can parents attend party? We are a Drop & Go facility and we request that all parents drop children and collect at end of party. We take photos and send them to birthday childs parents at end of day.

Do you do corporate events? Yes we do corporate events, festivals, race meetings, Christmas parties, School workshops etc for any number of children at your chosen venue.

What is your Child Protection Policy? You will find our child protection policy here

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